Nemaco - Product Warranty & Terms of Sale
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Nemaco Technology, LLC - Product Warranty & Terms of Sale

Nemaco offers a One Year Limited Warranty for Items Sold with no modifications

Nemaco shall offer One Year Limited Warranty whereby the items sold is not damaged by the customer. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the items sold only.

Nemaco shall not be responsible for any labor cost, miscellaneous fees, downtime, damages or other liabilities.

Customers purchasing enclosures & equipment shall agree to Nemaco's Terms of Sale. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all items purchased for their application prior to any usage for their application. Nemaco is not responsible for any particular items or product use, application or purpose. It is the customer's or end user's decision and full responsibility for the use and application. The customer is responsible for equipment application, installation, testing, any repair or maintenance for any enclosures or other items sold.

All custom items (enclosures, equipment and parts) must be inspected and approved by customer before use.

Receipt of Shipped Items

All purchased must be insured by the customer for shipping damaged. Any items shipped without shipping insurance is the customer's responsibility.

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